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Wang Yang's Investigation Work in Hua-De Company
Author:admin    Release time:2017-04-21    viewed:1805

The spring has come and the flowers are in bloom, a pleasant breeze blows gently. On the morning of 16 February, Wang Yang, municipal party secretary of Changshu City, visited our company with the company of heads of department. Zou Dehua, chairman of our companyaccompanied the secretary on a visit to the forming & calibrating workshop, sintering workshop, heat-treatment workshop, assembling workshop and engineering center. Our chairman made some explanations on the current production condition and achievements on science and technology innovation, industry-university-institute cooperation with colleges and universities, innovation in internal management mode and the company objectives: vigorously promote lean production management mode, 5S management mode, QC group activity and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing by "machine substitutes for human", the cultural construction of the company and the work of Party building, etc. Secretary Wang gave instructions on our work orientation, encouraged the enterprise to innovate and to develop firmly.

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